Classic Episode: How Many Licks

Hillary’s Story:
In 1991, Doug Danziger resigned from his position as Vice Mayor of Fort Lauderdale after allegedly engaging with housewife turned sex worker, Kathy Willets. Prior to his resignation, Danziger often spoke out against what he saw as immoral behavior in a moral crusade to clean up Fort Lauderdale. His purported behavior sent shock waves throughout the city.

Tina’s Story:
In 2017, Nancy Oakley found herself in a sticky situation that led to her resignation as Madeira Beach Commissioner. With a few misdemeanors and infractions, Oakley had some detractors, but when Madeira Beach residents found out she allegedly assaulted then City Manager Shane Crawford in the fall of 2012, they went mad for the story.


Hillary's Story
Danziger: News Article--from LA Times

Danziger: News Article from Sun Sentinel

Danziger: News Article from Sun Sentinel

Danziger: AP News Article from the Associated Press

Danziger: Fort Lauderdale Beach Spring Beach Photo from Paul Diaz via Pinterest

Danziger: Willets' Newspaper Ad Screenshot/Danziger Screenshot via YouTube

Tina's Story
Oakley: Report of Investigation from Respect Mad Beach from Respect Mad Beach

Oakley: Filed Allegation from Respect Mad Beach

Oakley: Letter from Steve Aidio--from Respect Mad Beach

Oakley: Additional Official Documents--from Respect Mad Beach

Oakley: News Article from The Ledger

Oakley: Video of Shane Crawford from MSN

Oakley: Petit Theft Documents from Pinellas County Public Records

Oakley: Photo from Tampa Bay Times

Oakley: 2012 King of the Beach Event from Old Salt Fishing King of Beach Event Booklet