Episode 12: Patient Zero

Tina and Hillary cover former President Judge of the Luzerne County Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas, Mark Ciavarella and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

Tina's Story
Mark Ciavarella served as judge for the Court of Common Pleas since 1995 where he developed a reputation for his harsh sentencing. But, when the FBI gets tipped off about accusations of nepotism and questionable sentencing of children, Ciavarella’s secret role in an alleged kids for cash scheme is revealed.

Hillary's Story
Throughout his political career, Newt Gingrich was known for his partisan battles that wreaked havoc in Congress. But, when he became Speaker of the House in 1995, he paved the way for the damaging slash and burn politics common today.

Tina's Sources
Mark Ciavarella
Wilkes Barre
Michael Conahan
Kids for cash scandal

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“Suit Names 2 Judges Accused in a Kickback Case”--Ian Urbina
“Despite Red Flags About Judges, a Kickback Scheme Flourished”--Ian Urbina
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All That’s Interesting
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New York Post
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“Former judge sentenced to prison for ‘kids for cash’ scheme”--Dave Warner

Case Law
United States Court of Appeals,Third Circuit. UNITED STATES of America v. Mark CIAVARELLA, Jr., Appellant.

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Our Campaigns
Mark A Ciavarella, Jr.

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Kids for Cash the Movie

Wikimedia Commons
Mark Ciavarella Mug Shot via US Department of Justice

Sandy Fonzo Confronts Ciavarello--Michael J Mullen via PennLive news site

All That’s Interesting
PA Child Care Facility--Matt Rourke, AP via All That’s Interesting

Hillary's Sources
Contract with America

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Stars Unfolded
Newt with Jackie--via Stars Unfolded

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Newt with Marianne--via La Times

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Newt with Callista--Reuters photo, Jonathan Ernst via Politico

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Baby Newt Cartoon--Daily News via The Atlantic