Episode 16: Burn This Letter

Tina and Hillary cover former Montgomery County Planning Board Member, RuthAnn Aron and US President Grover Cleveland.

Tina's Story
RuthAnn Aron, a successful real estate developer, earned an appointment to the Montgomery County Planning Board in 1992 and ran for and lost the bid for Maryland’s republican Senate nomination. But, when Aron loses not only the nomination, but also a slander trial, Aron takes matters into her own hands and mucks things up but good.

Hillary's Story
In 1884, Cleveland's reputation as an opponent of corruption make him a shoe in for the presidency, but when rumors erupt about an illegitimate child, Cleveland’s own shockingly unacceptable behavior is revealed.

Tina's Sources
RuthAnn Aron
Montgomery County, Maryland

Washington Post
“The Mystery of Ruth Ann Aron”--by Karl Wick
“GOP Senate Foes Trade Shots”--by Charles Babington
“Aron Gets Three Years in Murder Plot”--By Katherine Shaver
“A Senate Candidate; A Murder Plot; An Undercover Cop; A Giant Fiasco”--by Monica Hesse
“Montgomery Ousts Aron From Board”--By Manuel Perez-Rivas
“Are we talking about an obituary”--transcripts of RuthAnn Aron calls with “hitman”
“On Tape: Negotiating With a 'Hit Man'”--transcripts of RuthAnn Aron calls with “hitman”
“'Just Be Careful,' Aron Says On Tape”--transcripts of RuthAnn Aron calls with “hitman”

Barry H. Helfand and David Martella Website
“Aron’s Husband Tells of a Marriage Crumbling Quietly”
“Aron Allegedly Was Abused as Child; Long-Kept Secret Helps Explain Plot Against Husband, Her Lawyer Says”

District of Columbia Courts

New York Times
“Ex-Politician Sentenced in Murder for Hire”

Bethesda Magazine
“Ruthann Aron Files Petition in Attempt to Overturn Plea in Contract Killing Case”--by Andrew Metcalf

RuthAnn Aron with Gun--Montgomery Department of Parks and Recreation via Washington Post
RuthAnn Aron Mugshot--File photo via Washington Post
RuthAnn Leaving Court--Washington Post photo by Dayna Smith via NZHerald website
William H. Mossberg (Informant)--By Susan Biddle/TWP via Washington Post

Hillary's Sources
Grover Cleveland
Frances Cleveland

"President Cleveland’s Problem Child"--by Angela Serratora

The Daily Beast
"Grover Cleveland's Sex Scandal: The Most Despicable in American Political History"--by Charles Lachman

"Grover Cleveland, a Rapist President"--by Jamie Lauren Keiles

Young Grover Cleveland--via Wikipedia
Maria Halpin--via Smithsonian Magazine
Grover Cleveland Election Cartoon--via Wikimedia Commons
Grover Cleveland Presidential Portrait--via White House History
Grover Cleveland Wedding--via Trivia Happy