Episode 25: Miller Time

Hillary and Tina cover former US Senator from Massachusetts Charles Sumner and current political advisor to President Donald Trump, Stephen Miller.

Hillary’s Story
As senator, Charles Sumner railed against slavery by denoucning the Fugative Slave Law, “Slave Power,” the political arm of slave owners and the Kansas-Nebraska Act. But, when he verbally assaults and mocks pro-slavery senators Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois and Andrew Butler of South Carolina things turn violent.

Tina’s Story
Stephen Miller currently serves as Trump’s senior advisor for policy and built his career on race baiting and arousing hostility toward immigrants. But, when damaging emails were leaked in November 2019, Miller’s Miller’s white nationalism was thrown back into the national spotlight and calls for his resignation resounded.

Hillary's Story
Caning of Charles Sumner
Bleeding Kansas
Preston Brooks
Charles Sumner
Kansas-Nebraska Act

US Senate Page
The Caning of Senator Charles Sumner

US History
Canefight! Preston Brooks and Charles Sumner

Violence in Congress Before the Civil War: From Canings and Stabbings to Murder--by BECKY LITTLE

Charles Sumner--Photo by Matthew Brady (Public Domain)
Preston Brooks--Photo by Adam B. Walker (Public Domain)
Political Cartoon--Lithograph by John L. Magee (Public Domain)
Cane--(Public Domain)

Tina's Story
Stephen Miller
Kesha Ram
David Horowitz
Duke Lacrosse Case

LA Magazine
Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Has Always Been This Way--by Laurie Winer

Washington Post
What you can learn about Stephen Miller from a high school video--via YouTube

Vanity Fair

Stephen Miller's Op-Eds From High School and College Show How He Became Trump's Most Notorious Aide--BY CARLOS BALLESTEROS

Last Man Standing: The Immigration Insurgent Who Survived the Trump White House--by Zoe Todd

Raleigh News & Observer
Stephen Miller’s brash path from Duke campus to Trump White House--By Jane Stancill

Southern Poverty Law Center
Stephen Miller’s Affinity for White Nationalism Revealed in Leaked Emails--by Michael Edison Hayden

The Guardian
Top Trump policy adviser was a 'controversial figure' for college writings

America’s most notorious white nationalist says he knew Stephen Miller ‘quite well’ while they were members of a Duke University conservative club--by Mack DeGeurin

The Atlantic
Trump’s Right-Hand Troll--by McKay Coppins

The Outline
Does Stephen Miller have any friends? An investigation--by Gaby Del Valle

Stephen Miller Gets Protest Letter From Duke Classmates--By Daniel J. Solomon

The Nation
Stephen Miller Is a Perfectly Mainstream Republican--By Jeet Heer

The Black Scholar
An Open Letter to Duke University’s Class of 2007, About Your Open Letter to Stephen Miller--By M. Shadee Malaklou

The Leadership Conference of Civil and Human Rights
Letter to the White House: Civil Rights Groups Call for Stephen Miller’s Removal

"Sickening" And "Proof" Of Racism: DHS Officials Said Stephen Miller Must Go After His Emails Were Released--by Hamed Aleaziz

The Hill
Trump camp outraged over Jezebel article calling for Stephen Miller to get coronavirus--BY JOHN BOWDEN
Twenty-five Jewish lawmakers ask Trump to fire Stephen Miller over 'white nationalist' comments

Stephen Miller Is an Immigration Hypocrite. I Know Because I’m His Uncle.--By DAVID S. GLOSSER

Business Insider
Stephen Miller's uncle trolled him by donating to a refugee-rights charity as a wedding gift--by Tom Porter

The Chronicle
What's wrong with Duke? White supremacy is the root--by Don Taylor

The New York Times
Duke University Apologizes Over Professor’s Email Asking Chinese Students to Speak English--by Sarah Mervosh

Duke University Will Remove Name of Virulent Racist From Campus Building--by Breanna Edwards

The Wrap
Stephen Miller: 8 Late-Night Insults for Trump’s ‘Basic Henchman’ (Photos)--by Tim Malloy

ACT Petition by AOC and Illhan Omar
Demand Stephen Miller’s Resignation

Stephen Miller Political Advisor--by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons
Stephen Miller High School Speech--screenshot via Washington Post’s YouTube
Stephen Miller/Mr. Burns--screenshot of Late Night with Seth Myers via The Wrap