Episode 53: First Political Trick

Hillary and Tina cover former US Senator from North Carolina, John Edwards and political operative, Roger Stone.

Hillary’s Story
Successful attorney turned senator John Edwards set his sights on the presidency. But, when tabloids start reporting about an extramarital affair with a former campaign staffer, Edwards works extra hard to deflect the rumors.

Tina’s Story
Roger Stone has worked as a political lobbyist and strategist beginning with Nixon’s presidential campaign in 1972. But, when the FBI raids his home in 2019, Stone has some explaining to do.

Hillary's Story
Chicago Tribune
Former Senator Edwards' defense starts its case--by Colleen Jenkins

John Edwards
John Edwards extramarital affair
Rielle Hunter

Whatever Happened With John Edwards?--By Chris Tognotti

Edwards admits to extramarital affair
John Edwards Fast Facts--by CNN Editorial Research

John Edwards

The Atlantic
Why the John Edwards Trial Is a Bigger Deal Than You Think--by HAMPTON DELLINGER

The New York Times
Edwards Admits to Affair in 2006--by Katharine Q. Seelye

ABC News
John Edwards and the Mistress: A Breakdown of One of America's Most Sensational Scandals--by MARC DORIAN and LAUREN EFFRON
Rielle Hunter on Her Relationship With John Edwards Today, Their Life With Their Daughter Quinn--By GARY WYNN and SUZAN CLARKE

Senator John Edwards

NPR: It's All Politics
John Edwards, An American Tragedy--by Frank James

John Edwards Official Senate Portrait--by United States Congress via the Public Domain
John and Elizabeth Edwards--by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images via The New York Times
John Edwards and Rielle Hunter--via CBS News
Breck Girl Ad--by Ralph William Williams & John H. Breck, Inc via Public Domain

Tina's Story
Business Insider
Meet Roger Stone: One of Trump's most loyal supporters whose 40-month prison sentence was just commuted--by Eliza Relman and Grace Panetta

The Atlantic
Roger Stone Can Be Tried, Again--by Neal K. Katyal and Joshua A. Geltzer
Meet the Leader of Eliot Spitzer's Smear Campaign--ALEX GIBNEY

The Guardian
Roger Stone has escaped punishment for his crimes. Trump is sending a signal--by Andrew Gawthorpe
Trump commutes sentence of Roger Stone, longtime friend and adviser

ABC News
What you need to know about the indictment against Roger Stone--by Ali Dukakis

Roger Stone Indictment
United States of America vs. Roger Jason Stone, Jr.

Mother Jones
From Nixon to Trump, the Long, Shady Career of Roger Stone--by Will Greenberg

New York Magazine
The Indestructible Roger Stone--By Geoffrey Gray

Watergate Created Roger Stone. Trump Completed Him--By JOHN A. FARRELL
WikiLeaks, dog threats and a fake death notice: Roger Stone's odd friendship with Randy Credico--by JOSH GERSTEIN and DARREN SAMUELSOHN

The Washington Post
How did Roger Stone Survive Watergate--by Timothy Naftali

USA Today
Roger Stone's Nixon back tattoo, Netflix documentary and more odd facts about Trump's associate--by Ashley May

The New Yorker
The Dirty Trickster--by Jeffrey Toobin

CBS Sacramento
Roger Stone’s Original ‘Dirty Trick’ Target Gets The Last Laugh--by George Warren

The Hill
Paul Manafort: Handmaiden to dictators--by DAVID HOFFMAN

Daily Beast
Top Trump Aide Led the ‘Torturers’ Lobby’--By Betsy Swan and Tim Mak

Stone's Rules: How to Win at Politics, Business, and Style

Washington Examiner
Smears, swingers, and dirty tricks: Roger Stone's colorful career in politics--by Alana Goodman

Sun Sentinel
Proud Boys: A small, incendiary group chummy with Florida and its political figures--By ANDREW BORYGA

The Brooks Brothers Riot, the J. C. Penney Skirmish, and the Changing Republican Uniform--by Cam Wolf

‘It’s insanity!’: How the ‘Brooks Brothers Riot’ killed the 2000 recount in Miami--by Michael E. Miller

Roger Stone’s Nixon Tattoo--via Twitter (Michael Del Moro @MikeDelMoro·Jan 25, 2019)
Roger Stone Leaving Court--via Youtube screenshot of NBC Nightly News
Roger Stone Giving Nixon V Sign--via Youtube screenshot of CNN