Episode 54: Oink Oink, Bitch

Tina and Hillary cover former Biscayne Park Police Chief, Raimundo Atesiano and former Florida governor and senator, Charley Johns.

Hillary’s Story
Charley Johns spent most of his political career serving as senator in the Florida senate. But, when he chairs the infamous Florida Legislative Investigation Committee, which fought against integration and contributed to the red scare and lavender scare, Johns reveals his true colors of bigotry and racism.

Tina’s Story
In 2011, former Biscayne Park police chief, Raimundo “Ray” Atesiano was named officer of the year for his exemplary performance. But, when a closer look at his crime solving tactics reveals a conspiracy to frame innocent black folks for crimes they didn’t commit, he faces his own criminal charges.

Tina's Story
Miami Herald
For framing innocent black men, a Florida police chief gets three years in prison--BY JAY WEAVER AND DAVID OVALLE

WSVN 7 News
Biscayne Park Police implementing change after former chief convicted for framing minorities

The Sun Sentinel
South Florida police chief gets three years in prison for framing innocent black men--By ASSOCIATED PRESS

United States Department of Justice
Superseding Indictment Charges Former Biscayne Park Police Chief and Former Officers with Conspiring to Violate Three Victims’ Civil Rights by Intentionally Making False Arrests
Former Biscayne Park Police Chief Sentenced for Conspiracy to Deprive Persons of Civil Rights by Ordering Officers to Make False Arrests
Former Biscayne Park Chief of Police Pleads Guilty to Conspiring With Other Officers to Violate Victims’ Civil Rights by Making False Arrests

CBS Miami
Biscayne Park Police Chief Resigns

The Biscayne Bay Times
The Mess Left Behind by Dirty Cops--BY JOHN DORSCHNER

Ex-Florida Police Chief Sentenced To 3 Years For Framing Black Men And Teen--by Vanessa Romo

The Innocence Project
Records Suggest Biscayne Park Police Officers Framed Black People to Clear Cases--By Innocence Staff
Man’s Burglary Convictions Vacated After He was Already Deported--By Innocence Staff
Florida Police Chief Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Framing Innocent Black Men--By Innocence Staff

The New Times
Miami-Area Police Chief Pleads Guilty to Framing Black Teen--by JERRY IANNELLI

USA Today
Ex-police chief in Florida gets prison time for framing black people--by Kristin Lam

New York Magazine
Florida Police Chief Told Cops to Arrest Random Black People to Boost Stats--By Adam K. Raymond

NBC News
Ex-Florida police chief gets three years in plan to frame black people--by The Associated Press
Two former Florida officers get prison for framing black teenager--by The Associated Press

The New York Times
Florida Police Chief Gets 3 Years for Plot to Frame Black People for Crimes--By Christine Hauser

Ex-Florida police chief sentenced for framing people so he could claim a 100% burglary clearance rate--By Doug Criss

Daily Business Review
Attorney of the Year Finalist: Public Defender Carlos Martinez Scrutinized Corrupt Police Convictions--by Catherine Wilson

These Dirty Cops Framed Random Black People to Pad Crime Stats--by Francisco Alvarado

The Ledger
Prosecutors review arrests by Biscayne Park police--by David Ovalle and Charles Rabin

The Palm Beach Post
Former Biscayne Park police chief, 2 officers charged with pinning crimes on black people for better stats--by Laura Jazmin Tolliver

Delaware Public Media
Teen Allegedly Framed By Town's Police To Preserve Perfect Arrest Statistics--By SASHA INGBER

Case Text
Desrouleaux v. Vill. of Biscayne Park

Police Chief Raimundo Atesiano--by Biscayne Park Police Department via The New York Times
CLARENS DESROULEAUX--via Florida Department of Corrections
Biscayne Park Police Department--via WPLG Local 10 on YouTube (screenshot)

Hillary's Story
Florida Memory: State Library and Archives of Florida
List of Pork Chop Gang during 1956 Special Session

Charley Eugene Johns
Homosexuality and Citizenship in Florida
LeRoy Collins

The Florida Squeeze

Sun Sentinel
Florida’s arrogant new Pork Chop Gang proposes roadblocks on citizen petition drives--by Editorial Board

Behind Closed Doors Films
The Pork Chop Gang

The Pork Chop Gang Documentary

Charley Eugene Johns--via Public Domain
Group Portrait of the Pork Chop Gang during the 1956 special session of the Senate--via Public Domain (Florida Memory)