Episode 67: Mansplain Pasta | The Keating Five and Alexander McKenzie

Hillary and Tina cover the Keating Five and former Burleigh County Sheriff Alexander McKenzie.

Hillary’s Story
Charles Keating’s Lincoln Savings and Loans faced insolvency due to changing tax rates and found a way to avoid Federal Regulators. But, when Keating’s avoidance tactics connect to five high profile senators, their reputation along with the accounts risk bankruptcy.

Tina’s Story
Alexander McKenzie served as sheriff of Burleigh County, North Dakota from 1874-1886 and committeeman from North Dakota for twenty one years, but when tasked to monitor gold mines in Alaska, his greed for gold took hold as he took over full production of the mines for his own profit.

Hillary's Story
Charles Keating
Keating Five
Savings and loan crisis
Lincoln Savings and Loan Association

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Revisiting McCain’s Keating 5 history--by Los Angeles Times

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The Keating Five Scandal

The Keating Five--by Alyssa Fetini

Keating Five

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Scandal 14: The Keating Five

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The Keating Five Scandal

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The Keating Five

Charles Keating--by Nict Ut/Associated Press via The New York Times
The Keating Five Senators--screenshot from The Arizona Republic video

Tina's Story
Alexander McKenzie (politician)

North Dakota Studies
Section 2: Alexander McKenzie

University of North Dakota Commons
Alexander McKenzie, Boss of North Dakota 1883-1906

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From Magnate to First Pardon

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Big Alex McKenzie and the Last Great Fraud of the Gilded Age--by Paul Starobin

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Alexander McKenzie

Omaha World Herald
‘Conspiracy’ tells of gold rush, Gilded Age greed--Michael Hill, AP

Alexander McKenzie--via NDSU Institute for Regional Studies
McKenzie Political Cartoon--via NDSU Institute for Regional Studies
Gold Miners in Nome, Alaska, circa 1900--Alamy Stock Photo via The Wall Street Journal