Episode 69: Fungus Among Us

Hillary and Tina cover current Las Vegas Councilwoman Michele Fiore and former Texas House Representative Mike Martin.

Hillary’s Story
Michele Fiore, a staunch supporter of Second Amendment Rights, earned a seat in the Nevada Legislature in 2012 and later in the Las Vegas City Council in 2017. But, it was her shooting off at the mouth, more than her policy, that gained national attention.

Tina’s Story
Mike Martin won a seat in the Texas House in the 1980 election. But, after an assailant shot Martin outside his home, he weaved a ridiculous tale that put his reputation under fire.

Hillary's Story
Michele Fiore

Las Vegas Review Journal
Michele Fiore now says she loaned $40K to her PAC. But why?--by Shea Johnson

Michele Fiore named Mayor Pro Tem for Las Vegas--by Joye Lupiani

Just Facts Vote Smart
Michele Fiore's Biography

The Washington Times
Vegas assemblywoman blames employee for tax liens--by Michelle Rindels

Legislator Information State of Nevada
Assemblywoman Michele Fiore

News 3 Las Vegas
Michele Fiore subject of complaint
Effort to recall Michele Fiore fails to gather needed signatures by deadline

Michele Fiore

Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Fiore--by Eric Jamison CC BY-SA 4.0
Michele Fiore's Christmas Card--via The Guardian

Tina's Story
Mike Martin (politician)

Legislative Reference Library of Texas
Michael W. Martin

The Bonham Daily Favorite
Martin pleads guilty, resigns house seat

The Victoria Advocate
Ex-Legislator Martin Brings Children to U.S.

Austin American-Statesman
Council hopeful Wayne is ex-Rep. Mike--by Marty Toohey

Web Archive
Michael Martin Website

Texas Monthly
1981: The Ten Best and The Ten Worst Legislators--by Paul Burka, Kaye Northcott, and Victoria Lee

The Austin Chronicle
Deep in the Heart of Texas Political Scandals

Legislator planned his own shooting for publicity, police say State representative Mike Martin said today he was innocent--by Tim Sheehy

Texas Observer
Political Intelligence: Target on His Back

People Pill
Mike Martin (Politician)

New Yorker
America’s Future is Texas--by Lawrence Wright

Washington Post
A Texas Tall Tale: ‘Who Shot Mike Martin?’--by Dan Balz

New York Times
Texas Legislator Suspected In Own Shooting

Representative Mike Martin--via Legislative Reference Library of Texas
Representative Mike Martin on Phone--screenshot from Texas Monthly
Longview, Texas--created by Nzeemin via CC-BY-SA 3.0