Episode 73: Benniferlary

Hillary and Tina cover the 1985 bombing of MOVE and former Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca.

Hillary’s Story
MOVE served as a radical advocacy group known for its push for justice of all living creatures. But, when MOVE members clashed with city officials, it resulted in one of the most terrifying acts of brute force to occur on United States soil.

Tina’s Story
Lee Baca served as Sheriff beginning with his election to office in 1998 and he gained criticism for accepting gifts and hiring friends. But, when he obstructed an FBI investigation, Baca couldn’t back his way out of a looming jail sentence.

Hillary's Story
A raid is set for MOVE headquarters

The day Philadelphia bombed its own people--by Lindsey Norward

On A Move
The Philadelphia Police are Guilty of Mass Homicide.

1985 MOVE bombing

NPR Code Switch
I'm From Philly. 30 Years Later, I'm Still Trying To Make Sense Of The MOVE Bombing--by Gene Demby
Why Have So Many People Never Heard Of The MOVE Bombing?--by Gene Demby

The Guardian
'This is huge': black liberationist speaks out after her 40 years in prison
The day police bombed a city street: can scars of 1985 Move atrocity be healed?--by Ed Pilkington
Philadelphia city council apologises for deadly 1985 Move bombing--by Ed Pilkington

The Philadelphia Inquirer
How the bomb decision was made--by Ron Wolf, William K. Marimow, Steve Lopez, and John Woestendiek

Remains Of Black Children Killed In MOVE Bombing Cannot Be Located--by Maya Kassutto

Billy Penn
MOVE 101: Why, 35 years ago, Philadelphia dropped a bomb on itself--by Anna Orso

Teen Vogue
The History of the Black Radical Group MOVE and Its Infamous Bombing by Police--by Kim Kelly

Osage Avenue after Bombing--from Bettmann Archive/Getty Images via Vox
MOVE Founder John Africa--by Bill Ingraham/AP via Vox
Members of MOVE in the 1980’s--from MOVE via Billy Penn

Tina's Story
Antelope Valley Times
Ex-Sheriff Lee Baca appeals for release due to coronavirus fears--by City News Service

The New York Times
Former LA County Sheriff is Ordered to Prison for Obstruction of Justice--by Aimee Ortiz
Ex-Los Angeles Sheriff, Lee Baca, Pleads Guilty to Lying in Corruption Inquiry--by Ian Lovett
Amid Accusations of Department Misconduct, Los Angeles Sheriff Will Step Down--by Jennifer Medina
Panel to Set Terms to End Abusive Reign at Los Angeles County Jail System--by Timothy Williams
Bribery Case Implicates California Official--by Jill Cowan
In California, Deputies Held Competition on Arrests--by Solomon Moore
A New Day for L.A.’s Brutal Jails

California Newswire
Former L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca Joins Faculty at the University of Los Angeles College of Divinity--By Valerie Gotten

89.3 KPCC
LA County Sheriff Lee Baca is an intellectual under fire--by Frank Stoltze from the Madeleine Brand Show
Former employees testify against ex-Sheriff Baca in corruption trial--by Annie Gilbertson

Ex-L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca loses bid to get out of prison during COVID-19 pandemic--by Los Angeles Times

Carnegie Mellon Computer Science
Why Is Sheriff Lee Baca Trying to Force Narconon & Scientology on the Residents of Leona Valley?

San Marino Tribune
Baca Reports for 3-Year Prison Sentence--by Mich Lehman

Pasadena Weekly
Nearly a decade of scandal comes to an end with the imprisonment of former Sheriff Lee Baca

SB Sun
Ex-LA County deputy says former Sheriff Lee Baca knew of FBI probe into jail abuse--Susan Abram
Ex-Sheriff Lee Baca given a week to decide if he’ll pay $100K fine in civil suit--by Susan Abram

Los Angeles Daily News
Ex-LA Sheriff Lee Baca to face trial after withdrawing guilty plea--by Susan Abram
Ex-Sheriff’s deputy recalls culture of abuse in jails under Lee Baca--by Susan Abram

US Department of Justice
Former L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca Sentence to 3 Years in Federal Prison for Leading Scheme to Obstruct Investigation into Jails

The San Diego Union-Tribune
Potential jurors in trial of ex-Sheriff Lee Baca tell of stories about corruption and beatings in the L.A. jails--by Victoria Kim and Joel Rubin (Los Angeles Times)
Judgment day for convicted ex-Sheriff Lee Baca, and the end of a long-running scandal--by Joel Rubin (Los Angeles Times

Yahoo! Sports
Corruption trial for ex-Sheriff Lee Baca starts with fiery opening statements

California Policy Center
Convicted or Not, L.A. Sheriff Baca Will Collect a Big Pension--By Marc Joffe

ACLU Southern California
Inmate Abuse Timeline

NBC Connecticut
Ex-Sheriff Lee Baca Indicted on Federal Charges

Capital Gazette
Justice finally catches up with Sheriff Lee Baca – who helped deny it to others--by the Times Editorial Board

Met News
Lee Baca

Los Angeles Magazine
The Downfall of Sheriff Baca--by Celeste Fremon

The Guardian
Room 7201: celebrity confinement California style--by Charlie LeDuff

The Chronicle
Sheriff in Paris Hilton case has been under fire before--by MICHAEL BLOOD

Wailing Paris Hilton ordered back to jail--by Steve gorman

Witness LA
Former Sheriff Lee Baca’s Long & Winding Legal Road Comes To An End As He Is Ordered To Begin His Prison Term On Feb. 5--by Celeste Fremon

San Antonio Employment Law Blog
Deputy Who Arrested Mel Gibson Settles Discrimination Case--By Thomas J. Crane

Mel Gibson may be witness in discrimination trial

L.A. County Sheriff: Too Close to Hollywood?--by Jamie Reno

Lee Baca--by Neon Tommy via CC BY-SA 2.0
Lee Baca speaks to press after guilty conviction--screenshot from CBS Los Angeles via YouTube