Episode 85: Swing Ride

Hillary and Tina cover former US House Representative Mark Foley and former Indiana Governor Edward Jackson.

Hillary’s Story
Mark Foley was known throughout his political career as a charismatic congressman. BUT, when he gets a little too friendly with underage members of the historic House Page Program, he puts his future political aspirations in jeopardy.

Tina’s Story
Edward Jackson began his political career as prosecutor for Henry County Indiana and eventually made his way up to the governor’s seat. BUT, when a Klan member called in a favor, Jackson’s political career went kaput.

Hillary's Story
The Mark Foley Scandal

Page of the United States House of Representatives
Mark Foley Scandal
Mark Foley

Florida won't charge ex-lawmaker in sex scandal--by Reuters Staff

The Atlantic
Farewell House Page Program: A Look Back--by Adam Clark Estes

The Baltimore Sun
Untangling web around Foley scandal--by Clarence Page

Vanity Fair
Don't Ask...Don't E-mail--by Gail Sheehy and Judy Bachrach

Blogspot: Stop Sex Predators
Emails from Congressman Foley to 16 Year Old Page

ABC News
Foley's IM Exchange with Underage Page--by Brian Ross and the Investigative Team

Mark Foley--from United States Congress via Public Domain
Foley Instant Messages--screenshot via ABC News

Tina's Story
Indiana Governor
Edward L Jackson

County History
Edward L Jackson

Indiana Klan
Edward L. Jackson

My Indiana

Smithsonian Magazine
“Murder Wasn’t Very Pretty”: The Rise and Fall of D.C. Stephenson--by Karen Abbott

National Governors Association
Gov. Edward L. Jackson

The History of Hate in Indiana: How the Ku Klux Klan took Indiana’s halls of power--by Jordan Fischer
The Dragon & the Lady: The murder that brought down the Ku Klux Klan--by Jordan Fischer

Courier & Press
Ku Klux Klan had short-lived political power in Indiana--by Andrea Neal

History Collection
Edward L Jackson

Google Books
Indiana: History and Government--by Wikipedians

Murdering Madge Oberholtzer: Rape, poison, and the KKK--by Dawn Mitchell

Governor Edward Jackson--from the Board of Public Printing via County History
Madge Oberholtzer--from International Newsreel via IndyStar
DC Stephenson, Grand Dragon of Indiana KKK, circa 1922--from the Public Domain