Episode 86: Choke on Plastic

Tina and Hillary cover Operation Underworld and former US Senator from Utah Arthur Brown.

Tina’s Story
After Japan’s surprise attack on a US naval base, the US officially entered World War 2, BUT when they wanted to counter Axis spies, avoid the capture of war supply ships, and more, the Navy made a secret pact with an unlikely ally.

Hillary’s Story
Arthur Bradley worked his way up through the Republican party of Utah and became one of the state’s first governors. BUT, his appetite for younger women landed in jail for adultery and ultimately led to deadly confrontation.

Tina's Story
Warfare History
Project Underworld: The U.S. Navy’s Secret Pact with the Mafia--by Gregory Peduto

US Naval War College
Counterintelligence: Operation Underworld

What was Operation Underworld?--by Christopher Klein

Mental Floss
Operation Underworld: When the U.S. Government Teamed Up With the Mafia to Fight Fascists During World War II--BY ELLEN GUTOSKEY

Inside Edition
Operation Husky and Turning the Tide of World War II: Did the Mafia Help the Allies Invade Sicily?--by Sal Bono

All That's Interesting
Operation Husky: How Mobster Lucky Luciano Aided The U.S. In WWII--checked by John Kuroski

New York Times
Excerpt of chapter 1 The Money and the Power--by Sally Denton and Roger Morris

The Daily Beast
The Devil Himself Explores Mob’s Fight Against Nazis During WWII--by Eric Dezenhall

Infamous New York
Operation UNDERWORLD: The Secret Alliance Between the Navy and the Mafia in WWII

NCIS A History
The Mafia in World War II

National Interest
Why Did the US Navy Make a Secret Pact with the Mafia During World War II?--by Warfare History Network

Thought Co.
A Profile of Meyer Lansky--by Ariela Pelaia

USS Normandie--from US National Archives via Public Domain
Charles "Lucky" Luciano Mug Shot--from New York Police Department via Public Domain
Joseph "Socks" Lanza--from New York Police Department via Public Domain

Map of Sicilian Invasion Landing--via Public Domain

Hillary's Story
Potus Geeks
Scandals in Presidential History: The Shooting of Arthur Brown

Arthur Brown (U.S. senator)

Utah Humanities
The Case of Anne Bradley

History to Go
The Shooting of Arthur Brown, Ex-Senator From Utah

Arthur Brown and Anne Bradley -via Potus Geeks Live Journal
Isabel Brown--from The Washington Sketch Book via the Public Domain
Newspaper article regarding affair--via Potus Geeks Live Journal