Episode 89: OddPods Fam

Hillary and Tina cover the Stono Rebellion and former staff member to US Senator Maggie Hassan, Jackson Cosko.

Hillary’s Story
In the 18th century, most of South Carolina’s population was enslaved. BUT, when slaves learned that Florida offered a chance of freedom, they revolted and this became one of the largest slave rebellions in US history.

Tina’s Story
Jackson Cosko worked as a computer systems analyst for US Senator Maggie Hassan in DC. BUT when he seeks revenge for what he believes to be an unfair termination, Cosko’s retaliation LAN him in court.

Hillary's Story
Stono Rebellion

Black Past

America's Story
Stono's Rebellion September 9, 1739

Stono Rebellion

The Stono Rebellion: Crash Course Black American History #6

Stono Rebellion Historical Marker--Photo by Henry of Saussure Copeland (CC BY-NC 2.0) via Black Past
Stono River Map--via Library of Congress

Tina's Story
The United States Attorney's Office (District of Columbia)
District Man Sentenced to Four Years for Stealing Senate Information and Illegally Posting Restricted Information of U.S. Senators on Wikipedia

Ex-Hassan aide sentenced to 4 years for doxing senators--By JOSH GERSTEIN

Jackson Cosko: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

United States Capitol Police
U.S. Capitol Police Make Arrest for the Doxxing of U.S. Senator

The Verge
Former Senate staffer admits to doxxing five senators on Wikipedia--By Adi Robertson

Former Senate Aide Gets Probation For Helping Dox Republicans Over Kavanaugh Hearings--by Bobby Allyn

The Washington Post
Former Democratic aide pleads guilty to ‘doxing’ GOP senators, threatening employee--by Spencer S. Hsu

Voz Wire
The Curious Case of Jackson Cosko--by Jacob Ellis

Jackson Cosko--via the Tennessee Star
Brett Kavanaugh--by Fred Schilling/Public Domain