Episode 93: Cocaine Cowboy

Hillary and Tina cover the assassination of Dekalb County, GA police officer Derwin Brown and former Brockton, MA police chief Richard J. Sproules.

Hillary’s Story
Officer Derwin Brown served in the Dekalb County police department for 23 years before being elected police chief over incumbent Sidney Dorsey.in 2000. BUT, Dorsey decides he will take back his seat no matter the cost.

Tina’s Story
Richard J. Sproules served as police chief for Brockton MA and was the former head of the narcotics division. BUT, when Sproules is discovered stealing drugs, his arrest sends shockwaves through the Brockton community.

Hillary's Story
Augusta Chronicle
Jailed ex-sheriff admits he ordered rival’s death

[The Atlanta Journal-Constitution](18 years ago: DeKalb’s sheriff had his political rival murdered)--by Joshua Sharpe

The Los Angeles Times
Key Witness Offers Startling Account of Slaying of Sheriff--by Jeffery Gettlemann

Associated Press
Two Sentenced to Life in Murder-For-Hire--by ERRIN HAINES

Sidney Dorsey
Derwin Brown

Prison Legal News
Ex-Georgia Sheriff Convicted in Ambush Killing of Successor--by Lonnie Burton

The New York Times
2 Acquitted of Killing Georgia Sheriff--by David Firestone

Derwin Brown--from AJC via Fair Use
Sidney Dorsey--screenshot from Augusta Chronicle via AP

Tina's Story
Associated Press
Former Brockton Police Chief Sentenced in Cocaine Theft With AM-Barry Trial, Bjt

Buffalo News

New York Times
Massachusetts Police Chief Quits, Accused of Stealing Cocaine From Evidence Room--by Constance L. Hays

Wicked Local
Former Brockton police chief wins $1 million in lottery, promises to help others--by Erin Shannon
Brockton area has links to Boston Strangler case

Los Angeles Times
380 Drug Cases Dropped After Police Chief Steals the Evidence

The Herald News
Brockton police officers agree to first drug testing policy--by Marc Larocque

The Enterprise
A man exonerated of a Brockton murder after 32 years in prison is now suing the city--by Cody Shepard

Richard J. Sproules--screenshot from WBUR via YouTube
Sproules wins $1 million in lotto--by Massachusetts Lotto via Enterprise News