Episode 9: Baby Bing

Hillary and Tina cover US Senator out of Louisiana David Vitter and former Tennessee Governor Ray Blanton.

Hillary's Story
Throughout his political career, Senator David Vitter championed conservative, family values agenda. But, when journalists highlight names from the DC Madam’s client list, his own morals are called into question.

Tina's Story
Tennessee’s 44th governor, Ray Blanton played an instrumental role in tax reform for the state and in building partnerships with foreign investors. But, in 1978, when suspicions surrounding Blanton’s questionable actions started to bubble to the surface, Tennessee didn’t know what the muck hit them.

Hillary's Story
David Vitter
Wendy Vitter

New York Times
"Deripaska and Allies Could Benefit From Sanctions Deal, Document Shows"--Kenneth Vogel
"David Vitter’s Defeat in Louisiana Is a Lost Opportunity for Senate Democrats"--Carl Hulse

"Judicial Nominee Wendy Vitter Gets Tough Questions On Birth Control And Abortion"--video

"New Details on the Infamous DC Madam Scandal Emerge"--Jason Leopold

Mother Jones
"Here’s the Story Behind That Crazy Story About David Vitter Having a Love Child With a Prostitute"--Tim Murphy

The Advocate
"Once a reformer, David Vitter's now lobbying for Russian oligarch"--Stephanie Grace

Candidate Photo

Vitter and Wife

Deborah Jeane Palfrey

Tina's Story
Ray Blanton
Marie Ragghianti
Marie (film)
Adamsville, Tennessee

The Evening Independent
“The ‘Hillbilly’ Nixon”--Bill Rose

Tennessee Encyclopedia
Leonard Ray Blanton

“Donald Trump’s troubled presidency recalls Ray Blanton years”--GayNelle Doll
“How one of Tennessee's most dramatic political moments unfolded 40 years ago this week”--Joel Ebert

New York Times
“Blanton Grants Clemency To 52 Tennessee Convicts”--Special to The New York Times
“Goy. Blanton of Tennessee Is Replaced 3 Days Early in Pardons Dispute”--Howell Raines
“Senate Contest”--By George Vecsey
“Blanton’s Uncle Sentenced”--AP

“Ex-Blanton aides plead guilty in clemency-for-cash scandal”--Tom Humphrey

New Jersey Globe
“The ‘Pardon me, Ray’ Story”--David Wildstein

WKRN Nashville
“Turbulent Transition: The story behind the sudden swearing in of Lamar Alexander 40 years ago”--Hunter Patterson

“Ray Blanton, 66, Ex-Governor Ousted in a Tennessee Scandal”--The Associated Press

Pardon Me, Ray Lyrics--Brian Christie

Pardon Me, Ray Audio--Brian Christie, YouTube

The Knoxville Focus
Ray Blanton, Part 5--design

History Collection
Top Six Corrupt Politicians

Ray Blanton—via Library of Congress

Pardon Me, Ray Record--via Genius.com

Nashville Tennessean
Lamar Alexander Swearing In--via Nashville Tennessean