Episode 75: Perverted Wavelength

Hillary and Tina cover former Lakeland County Sheriff Willis McCall and CIA hijinks of the Cold War and Cuba.

Hillary’s Story
Sheriff Willis McCall served as Lakeland County Sheriff for seven consecutive terms. BUT, when four men are falsley accused of raping a white woman, the Sheriff does nothing to find the real culprit and instead partakes in acts of violence against the men.

Tina’s Story
The CIA, or the Central Intelligence Agency, is known for protecting the country by gathering and analyzing intelligence. BUT, when some of their tactics border on wacky and weird, the agency faced ridicule.

Hillary's Story
PBS South Florida
The Groveland Four
The Legacy of Harry T. Moore

Groveland Four, the black men pardoned after 1949 rape accusation, honored with memorial--by Erik Oritz

Willis V. McCall
Groveland Four

Black Past
The Groveland Four (1949)--by Samuel Momodu

The New York Times
Florida Pardons the Groveland Four, 70 Years After Jim Crow-Era Rape Case--by Jacey Fortin

Orlando Sentinel
Groveland Four: Who were they?--by Stephen Hudak

Los Angeles Times
Nearly 70 years later, Florida redresses one of its ugliest episodes of racial injustice--by John Cherwa

The Ledger
Monument erected to remember injustice of the Groveland Four--by the Associated Press

The Sun Sentinel
The Groveland Four: A “shameful chapter” continues

Florida Politics
Family of Norma Padgett stands by her accusation against Groveland Four

The Groveland Four--from Gary Corsair via The New York Times
Sheriff Willis McCall--by Wallace Kirkland / The LIFE Picture Collection via Dallas News

Tina's Story
CIA Website
About Page

Mental Floss
11 Amazing Facts About CIA Operations in the Soviet Union--BY DAVID W BROWN
10 Ways the CIA Tried to Kill Castro--BY STACY CONRADT

List of CIA controversies
Acoustic Kitty

Elite Daily
The Craziest CIA Operations That The Government Doesn't Want You To Know About--BY JULIAN SONNY

10 Of The Most Bizarre Experiments And Operations Conducted By The CIA--by Rohit Bhattacharya

NBC News
Fidel Castro: The CIA's 7 Most Bizarre Assassination Attempts--by Alexander Smith

7 bizarre ways the US tried to kill or topple Fidel Castro--by Dylan Matthews

Fidel Castro: Dodging exploding seashells, poison pens and ex-lover

Project Acoustic Kitty: the CIA’s Real-Life Spy Cats--by Amy Shira Teitel

When the CIA Learned Cats Make Bad Spies--by BECKY LITTLE

This TikTok User Said Americans Devised A Plan To Drop Extra-Large Condoms On The Soviets During The Cold War And It Is Actually True--by Krista Torres

The Guardian
Close but no cigar: how America failed to kill Fidel Castro--by Duncan Campbell

Skillset Mag
The 5 Craziest Fidel Castro Assassination Plots From the CIA--by Sullivan Cauley

ABC Triple Hack
How Castro survived 638 very cunning assassination attempts

Alpha History

The Plan to Nuke the Moon and Other Cold War Plots Revealed in Secret Documents--BY KURT EICHENWALD

Acoustic Kitty--via Setting the Air in Motion
Moon--by Gregory H. Rivera via Wikimedia Commons
Fidel Castro--from Mondadori Publishers via The Public Domain