Classic Episode: D-E-D | Hawaii's Illegal Occupation and Vincent "Buddy" Cianci


July 27th, 2022

56 mins 30 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

We hope you enjoy this rerelease of one of our favorite episode: Episode 31. Originally released on June 29, 2020, you will hear us discuss one of our favorite elected officials ever, Buddy Cianci. He was quite a character and reminded us of Tina's favorite show, The Sopranos.

Hillary and Tina cover the illegal occupation of Hawaii and former Providence, Rhode Island Mayor Vincent “Buddy” Cianci.

Hillary’s Story
The island chain of Hawaii was ruled by the Kingdom of Hawaii beginning in 1795, but in 1893, the United States unlawfully invaded the island leading to an overthrow of the Hawaiian government.

Tina’s Story
Buddy Cianci served as the longest serving mayor of Providence, Rhode Island from 1975-1984, and again from 1991-2002. But, when the FBI gets wind of a possible corruption scandal, Buddy may have been too buddy buddy with local scoundrels and found himself in the muck.

Hillary's Story
History of Hawaii
Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom
Black Week
Hawaii Admission Act

National Archives
Hawaii Statehood, August 21, 1959

Smithsonian Mag
The Political Dealmaking That Finally Brought Hawaii Statehood--by David Stebenne
Five Things To Know About Liliʻuokalani, the Last Queen of Hawaiʻi--by Jason Daley

US Deptarment of State
Annexation of Hawaii, 1898

Hawaii becomes 50th state

The Washington Post
What Hawaii’s statehood says about inclusion in America--by Sarah Miller-Davenport

Skyline Hawaii
How Hawaii Became a State

National Geographic
Jul 6, 1887 CE: Bayonet Constitution

The Hawaiian Kingdom
The Hawaiian Kingdom

University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Chronicling America: Historic Newspapers from Hawaiʻi and the U.S.: Hawaiʻi Statehood

Teaching History
Hawaiian Statehood

Official Portrait of Captain James Cook by Nathaniel Dance-Holland--via Public Domain

Queen Liliuokalani--by James J. Williams via Public Doman

Newspaper Announcing Hawaii's Statehood--via Hawaii Magazine

Tina's Story
Buddy Cianci
Operation Plunder Dome

The Providence Phoenix
Jekyll and Hyde--by Jack White
When Worlds Collide--by Ian Donnis

New York Times
A Sentence for Corruption Ends an Era in Providence--By Pam Belluck
Checking In With an Old Buddy (Cianci That Is)--by Dan Barry

Remembering Buddy Cianci--by Kevin Baker

Boston Globe
For decades, Buddy Cianci’s ex-wife stayed silent about their marriage. Now she’s speaking out--By Amanda Milkovits

Boston CBS Local
Play About Infamous Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci To Debut In September

NBC News
Buddy Cianci, Ex-Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, Dead at 74--By Corky Siemaszko and Tom Winter

The New Yorker
The Buddy System--by Phillip Gourevitch

Dead Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci Was Just a Vicious Goon--by Jordan Sargent

Boston Magazine
The Ballad of Buddy Cianci

Hartford Courant
Buddy's Back: Can Felonious Ex-Mayor Regain His Reign?--Jenny Wilson

Los Angeles Times
Providence Mayor Gets Prison Sentence for Corruption--By ELIZABETH MEHREN

NBC 10 I-Team: Sunday marks 20 years since Plunder Dome raid--by PARKER GAVIGAN
Radio became Cianci's second career--by R.J. HEIM
NBC 10 I-Team: FBI files shed new light on Operation Plunder Dome--by PARKER GAVIGAN

Operation Plunder Dome

Cianci Making Post-Prison Bid For Providence Mayor--by Michelle R. Smith

Inside Sources
What Makes Us Forgive Political Rogues Like Buddy Cianci?--by Graham Vyse

Washington Post
Providence Mayor Is Found Guilty--Pamela Ferdin

Mayor Vincent Buddy Cianci Providence, Rhode Island--by sharperimage0 via Wikimedia
Buddy Cianci 1974 Election Poster--Public Domain via Wikimedia
Mayor Buddy Cianci Serving Sauce to Customers--screenshot via WPRI12 footage on YouTube

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