Episode 11: Gummy Brain | Phillip Giordano and George Washington's Teeth


March 11th, 2020

1 hr 2 mins 19 secs

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Hillary and Tina cover and former Waterbury, Connecticut Mayor Philip Giordano and President George Washington’s teeth.

Hillary's Story
Since 1754, founding father George Washington had more than his fair share of dental problems. And, today, people still believe that Washington wore wooden teeth as dentures. But, things were not so simple; in fact, Washington suffered for decades in search of the best teeth.

Tina's Story
For five years, Philip Giordano served as the City of Waterbury mayor. As mayor he prided himself for his work getting the city’s finances in order. But, in 2001, when investigators started looking into his methods for balancing the budget, they discovered that Giordano was even more mucked up than they thought.


Hillary's Story
George Washington's Teeth

George Washinton's Mount Vernon
"The Trouble with Teeth"

Revolutionary War Journal
"History of Dentistry in the 18th Century"--Harry Schenawolf

Collector's Weekly
Dental Keys--from Savigny’s catalog of surgery implements, circa 1798.
Washington's Cheeks--Rembrandt Peale’s first portrait of George Washington
Old Dental Photo-- Louis Leopold Boilly 1827 engraving
George Washington's Dentures Side View--Library of Congress
George Washington's Dentures--via New York Times

Tina's Story

Philip Giordano
Waterbury, Connecticut

The Baltimore Sun
“Woman In Giordano Sex Abuse Case Is Spared More Prison”--by Edmund H. Mahoney

“Mayor arrested on sexually related charges involving child”--CNN

New Haven Register
“Giordano is his own man”--by Christopher Hoffman’

New York Times
“A Senate Candidate in a New Spotlight”--by Richard Weizel
“Mayor's Arrest Hits Waterbury Harder Than Past Corruption”--by Charlie Leduff and David M. Herszenhorn
“Rape Charges Against Mayor Of Waterbury”--by Paul von Zielbauer
“Ex-Mayor Convicted in Sex Abuse Case”--by Paul von Zielbauer
“A Young Mayor Offers Tough Love for Waterbury”--by Bill Ryan
“Waterbury Corruption Case Is Moving Forward Again”--by Stacey Stowe

NBC News
“Ex-Mayor guilty of child sex is sentenced again”--by Associated Press

Hartford Courant
“Changing Jobs to Change a City”--by Bill Leukhardt
“His Honor, Mayor Philip A. Giordano: Vain, Power-Hungry, Sexually Obsessed And Increasingly Reckless”--Hartford Courant Staff
“Ex-Waterbury Mayor Phil Giordano, Convicted Of Raping Children, Loses Another Appeal”--by Edmund Mahony
“Judge Describes Child Victims' Anxiety, Self-Loathing As He Sentences Giordano To 37 Years”--by Lynne Tuohy

“Reading Giordano's Response”--by Stan Simpson
“Giordano’s Taped Calls Fill Court”--by Lynn Tuohy

“Judge questions Giordano's abuse of office”--Newstimes

Justia US Law
“United States of America, Appellee, v. Philip A. Giordano, Defendant-appellant, 442 F.3d 30 (2d Cir. 2006)”--US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

New Haven Register
“Ex-mayor Giordano takes child-sex abuse case to US Supreme Court again”--by Dave Collins, AP

Doe v. City of Waterbury, US District Court

The Waterbury Observer
“Waterbury Mayor Philip Giordano Arrested By FBI” --by John Murray
Giordano Mayoral Election Photo--John Murray via the Waterbury Observer

CT News Junkie
Giordano Prison Photo--CT Department of Corruption via CT News Junkie

Waterbury Clock Tower--Daniel Case via Wikipedia

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