Episode 126: Horse Life | Rita Crundwell and The Boys of Boise


June 1st, 2022

1 hr 21 mins 50 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

Tina and Hillary cover former Dixon treasurer Rita Crundwell and The Boys of Boise scandal.

Tina’s Story
Rita Crundwell served as Dixon comptroller and treasurer for almost 30 years beginning in 1983. BUT Curndwell bankrupts her career when a city clerk discovers suspicious account activity.

Hillary’s Story
In the 1950s Boise Idaho officials started an intensive investigation to supposedly protect children. BUT it soon became clear that this was an orchestrated witch hunt against gay men.

Tina's Story
ABC7 Chicago
Former Dixon, Illinois Comptroller Rita Crundwell, convicted of stealing $50M, released early from Pekin prison

All the Queens Horses
Home Page

Fraud in Dixon Illinois: Who’s to Blame Fraud in Dixon Illinois: Who’s to Blame

Chicago Sun-Times
Rita Crundwell, who stole nearly $54 million from Dixon, released from federal prison

Chicago Tribune
Rita Crundwell, comptroller who bilked Dixon, should complete the remainder of her sentence

CPA Hall Talk
Rita Crundwell Story: Why Some Ranches Stink

Department of Justice
Former Dixon Comptroller Rita Crundwell Sentenced To Nearly 20 Years In Federal Prison For $53.7 Million Theft From City

Dixon Gov
Microsoft Word - Document1

The FCPA Blog
Want to buy Rita Crundwell's belt buckles?

Find Law

USMS Rita Crundwell Auction

Fmr Dixon, IL Comptroller, Rita Crundwell, Sentenced to 19 1/2 Years In Prison

Fraud Magazine
Comptroller, horse lady and crook, Part 1 of 2Comptroller, horse lady and crook, Part 1 of 2
The horses take a nasty fall, Part 2 of 2

Journal Standard
State charges dropped against ex-Dixon comptroller Rita Crundwell

United States v. Crundwell, No. 13-1407 (7th Cir. 2013)

NBC Chicago
Ex-Dixon Comptroller Released From Prison Halfway Through Sentence for Embezzling Nearly $54M

NPR Illinois
City Of Dixon To Recover Some Losses

Our Quad Cities
Documentary filmmaker, professor, shocked at Crundwell’s early release

Rita Crundwell stole $54 million then returned to the scene of the crime

Rita Crundwell

Rita Crundwell Mug Shot—from Boone County Sheriff via CBS News
Horse from auction--Flickr

Hillary's Story
The Forgotten Boise 7

Idaho Statesman
'Crush the Monster': The Boys of Boise hysteria--BY BILL DENTZER

Linguistic Society of America
“The Boys of Boise” Scandal: History, Language, and Legacies of Moral Panic--by Dr. Chris VanderStouwe

The New York Times
Idaho’s Original Same-Sex Scandal--By Seth Randal and Alan Virta

You've Probably Heard of the Red Scare, but the Lesser-Known, Anti-Gay 'Lavender Scare' Is Rarely Taught in Schools--Suyin Haynes

Boise homosexuality scandal

Idaho Statesman Headline--screenshot from CBS Reports (fair use)

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