Episode 128: Macchiato with a Side of Rifle | Kathleen Kane and Matthew Shepard


June 15th, 2022

1 hr 24 mins 1 sec

Season 3

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Tina and Hillary cover former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane and the murder of Matthew Shepard.

Tina’s Story
In 2012, Kathleen Kane became the first democrat and woman to win as attorney general in Pennsylvania. BUT an email scandal jeopardizes her career.

Hillary’s Story
Matthew Shepard’s horrific murder shocked America. BUT the gay-hate that fueled the attack led to the passing of the Hate Crime Preventions Act.

Tina's Story
Action 4 News
Timeline: The Kathleen Kane investigation

Billy Penn
Kathleen Kane, feminist icon? Supporters love her war on 'cretins' in PA government - On top of Philly news
The revenge texts Kathleen Kane sent before the alleged leak - On top of Philly news

Chicago Tribune
The attorney general who straight-up lied

Kathleen Kane: Pennsylvania attorney general resigning

Laws in Texas
Kathleen Kane: From Citizen Kane to KaneVille to Kane Penned in Prison

LeHigh Valley Live
Kathleen Kane ordered to stand trial in grand jury leak

Morning Call
Sources: Kathleen Kane shut down probe of Philly Democrats

Former Pa. Attorney General Kathleen Kane is disbarred

Penn Live
'I misspoke' about child pornography prosecutions, AG spokeswoman says
Kathleen Kane's twin sister bounced from AG's office: report
Kathleen Kane charged with perjury, obstruction, abuse of office
Kathleen Kane's twin sister awarded raise, cash in labor complaint settlement: report
Retractions lead only to more questions for Kathleen Kane

Philadelphia Inquirer
Former Attorney General Kathleen Kane ordered to undergo alcohol treatment after a DUI arrest

Kathleen Kane trial: Pennsylvania attorney general, charged with grand jury leaks and perjury, used her twin sister to trick the press Monday

Tribune Democrat
State attorney general's twin sister being sued over $200K loan | State

Attorney General Kathleen Kane Says Charges Against Her Are Tied To Porn Emails

A Look at Kathleen Kane Case | wnep.com

Kane Mugshot--from Montgomery County Prison via PennLive
Sample Email--via Local 21 News

Hillary's Story
Associated Press
Matthew Shepard’s murder still haunts Wyoming after 20 years--by Mead Gruver

Matthew Shepard

Matthew Shepard finally laid to rest 20 years after he was killed for being gay--by Dakin Andone

Famous Trials
Matthew Shepard Murder: A Chronology

Matthew Shepard, victim of anti-gay hate crime, dies

Investigation Discovery
5 Facts About The Life, Murder & Legacy Of Matthew Shepard

The Matthew Shephard Foundation

Vanity Fair

Matthew Shepard
Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act

Wyoming History
The Murder of Matthew Shepard

Matthew Shepard--by Gina van Hoof via Matthew Shepard Foundation
Henderson and McKinney--via Famous Trials
Fence where Matthew was killed--via US News
Angels at funeral--from Getty via BBC

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