Episode 14: Find a Hobby, Bro! | Kiah Morris and Byron Looper


April 1st, 2020

1 hr 25 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

Tina and Hillary cover former Vermont State House Representative Kiah Morris and former Putnam County Tennessee Tax Assessor, Byron Looper.

Tina's Story
In 2014, Kiah Morris won a seat in the Vermont House of Representatives becoming Vermont’s only black, female representative. But, in 2018, she chose not to seek re-election and then resigned her position after facing years of harassment.

Hillary's Story
In 1996, Bryan Looper was elected as Putnam County’s Tax Assessor and became known for his verbal attacks on local politicians and other ridiculous shenanigans. But, when he puts in a bid for Tennessee state senator, constituents soon learn that Looper will do anything to win.

Tina's Sources
Kiah Morris

Kiah Morris Home Page
Kiah Morris

VT Digger
“How the Kiah Morris case gripped Vermont, but hasn’t changed anything”--by Alan J. Keays
“More trouble for Max Misch: Video at NY bar prompts probe”--by Alan J. Keays

Washington Post
“A white nationalist’s harassment helped force a black female lawmaker to resign. He won’t face charges”--by Meagan Flynn

Vermont State
Vermont Attorney General Legal Findings (Morris Case)

Vermont General Assembly
Representative Ruqaiyah "Kiah" Morris

“Black Lawmaker: Gun Control Led to My Quitting”--by Neil Colgrass

“Racial harassment of ex-Vermont lawmaker won't be prosecuted because it was free speech, official says”--by Augusta Anthony

New York Times
“Black Female Lawmaker in Vermont Resigns After Racial Harassment”--by Liam Stack

Burlington Free Press
“Kiah Morris: The Vermont incidents that led to a black lawmaker's resignation”--by Jess Aloe and April McCullum
“Vermont man who harassed black lawmaker faces gun charge”--by Lisa Rathke

Broadly via YouTube
Kiah Morris on Fighting Racial Harassment | The Scarlet Letter Reports

“Kiah Morris supports campaign for union workers”
“Donovan calls for 3rd-party investigation into Bennington Police”--by Don Amato
“Consultants to review Bennington Police Department policy”

Action Network
Justice for Kiah Morris Petition

Seven Days Vermont
“Max Misch Loses Gun Law Challenge in Criminal Case”--by Derek Brouwer

The Root
“'Keep Up These Racial Disparities': Protester Kicked Out of Courtroom for Blasting Judge Who Freed Armed White Nationalist”--by Michael Harriot

“AG's 'Bias-Incident' Reporting System Falls Flat With Racial Justice Leaders”--By PETER HIRSCHFELD

Broadly via YouTube
Kiah Morris on Fighting Racial Harassment | The Scarlet Letter Reports
Morris with Tweets--(The Scarlet Letter Reports/Broadly via YouTube Screenshot)

VT Digger
“Shawn Pratt speaks up during Max Misch hearing”
Pratt Escorted Out for Speaking Up—(VT Digger via YouTube Screenshot)

Bennington Banner
“Misch denies violating release conditions”

“VPIRG co-signs letter in response to Rep. Kiah Morris’ re-election withdrawal”--by VPIRG
Kiah Morris Headshot (Photo via VPIRG)

Hillary's Sources
Byron Looper
Charlotte Burks
Tommy Burks

Bryon Anthony Looper

Nashville Scene
"The Death of a Senator: Tommy Burks and Byron (Low Tax) Looper"--by Stephen Elliot

New York Times
"Tennessee Senator's Killing and Opponent's Arrest Upend Small Town"
By Rick Bragg

Nashville Scene
Byron (Low Tax) Looper--mugshot via Nashville Scene
Tommy Burks--via Nashville Scene
Charlotte Burks--State Senate Photo via Nashville Scene

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