Episode 148: Last Gasp of Democracy | Lance Mason and America First


November 9th, 2022

1 hr 43 mins 45 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

Tina and Hillary cover Ohio judge Lance Mason and the rise of America First.

Tina’s Story
Lance Mason served in the Ohio House and Senate before his appointment to the Cuyahoga County Court. BUT his violent actions move him from the bench to the defendant’s table.

Hillary’s Story
The America First Committee began as an isolationist group in early 20th century. BUT its anti-Semitic and racist attitudes are still being used by the GOP today.

Tina's Sources
Cleveland judge accused of beating wife had 2,500 rounds of ammunition, semi-automatic rifles, sword and smoke grenades in home--by Cory Shaffer
Disgraced judge Lance Mason pleads guilty to ex-wife’s murder, faces life in prison--by Cory Shaffer
Ohio House passes Aisha’s Law, named after beloved Shaker Heights teacher who was murdered by her ex-husband--by Laura Hancock

Cleveland 19
Arrest of former judge Lance Mason for murder of ex-wife shown on Shaker Heights police video (graphic)--by Chris Anderson
'What a monster you are’: Former judge Lance Mason will be parole eligible after 35 years for brutally killing ex-wife Aisha Fraser--by Chris Anderson

Former Ohio judge and politician Lance Mason pleads guilty to killing ex-wife--by Jason Hanna and Carma Hassan

The New York Times
Former Ohio Judge Who Beat His Wife Is Arrested in Her Stabbing Death--by Matthew Haag

Ex-Judge Who Spent 9 Months In Prison For Beating Wife Is Arrested After She's Killed--by Emily Sullivan

Refinery 29
This Judge Received Special Treatment After Beating His Wife. Then He Killed Her.--by Leah Carroll

WKYC Studios
Former Cuyahoga County Judge Lance Mason sentenced to life in prison for ex-wife's murder--by yler Carey, Stephanie Metzger, Leon Bibb
Judge Lance Mason indicted for assault on wife--by Kim Wendel

Judge Lance Mason Mugshot--from OHIO DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS via People
Aisha Fraser--from Shaker Heights Schools via People
Judge Mason in Court--screenshot via Fox8 News

Hillary's Sources
All That's Interesting
Inside The Shocking Origins Of The ‘America First’ Movement--by Jaclyn Anglis

The Atlantic
A Short History of 'America First'--by Krishnadev Calamur

America First Committee

Trump's 'America First' has ugly echoes from U.S. history-
By Susan Dunn

'America First': From Charles Lindbergh To President Trump--by Greg Myre of All Things Considered

Charles Lindbergh's unapologetic bigotry: How he became the face of the America First Committee--by Candace Fleming

The Long History Behind Donald Trump's 'America First' Foreign Policy

The Washington Post
President Trump’s ‘America First’ slogan was popularized by Nazi sympathizers--by Eric Rauchway

America First Committee

America First signs at the Republican Convention in 2016--Photo by Joe Raedle via The Guardian
Charles Lindbergh speaking at an America First Committee Rally--from AP via NPR
Dr. Seuss cartoon about America First Committee--from Special Collections & Archives, UC San Diego via NPR

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