Episode 159: Golf on the Moon | Mutiny in Space and John Joe Gray


January 25th, 2023

1 hr 19 mins 8 secs

Season 4

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About this Episode

Hillary and Tina cover Mutiny in Space and John Joe Gray.

Hillary’s Story
In 1973, NASA sent astronauts to the Skylab space station. BUT when they stop contact with ground control, many wondered if it was an act of rebellion.

Tina’s Story
John Joe Gray is a self proclaimed sovereign citizen who doesn’t believe in Federal authority. BUT after an arrest, he ends up leading the longest armed standoff in US history.

Hillary's Story
Was there really a “mutiny” aboard the Skylab space station?--by Doug Adler

Skylab: The myth of the mutiny in space

The Real Story of the Skylab 4 “Strike” in Space
Skylab Astronaut Gerald "Jerry" Carr Dies at 88

Mutiny in Space: Why These Skylab Astronauts Never Flew Again--by Kat Eschner

Space Center Houston
Skylab 4: The Last Mission

Gerald Carr (astronaut)
Sklab 4

Skylab 4 Crew - From Left: Carr, Gibson, and Pogue--from Wikimedia Commons via Smithsonian Magazine
Skylab Space Station--from NASA via Astronomy
Pogue (L) and Carr on Skylab--from NASA/Public Domain via Wikipedia

Tina's Story
The Bulletin
The longest standoff in America' almost 15 years--by Manny Fernandez

The Chronicle
Authorities ignore fugitive holed up on Texas land for 11 years--by Steve Campbell

The Daily Mail
Gun-loving patriarch who locked his family away on his ranch for a 15 YEAR standoff with cops is now under investigation AGAIN as it's revealed he hasn't paid taxes in a decade--by Alexandra Klausner

Dallas Observer
Between heaven and hell--by Carlton Stowers
The Tex Files--by Carlton Stowers

Embassy of Heaven
John Joe Gray

Texas cult stand-off

Palestine Herald-Press
East Texas stalemate persists as suspect avoids police

Southern Poverty Law Center
Famous standoffs between authorities and extremists have lasted up to 81 days. But in Texas, one man is going for a new record

John Joe Gray Mugshot--Henderson County Sheriff's Office via The Huffington Post
The Gray Family in 2016--screenshot via Fort Worth Star Telegram/YouTube
Sign Posted at Gray Ranch--screenshot via Fort Worth Star Telegram/YouTube

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