Episode 174: Pork Roll | Tony Mack


May 10th, 2023

48 mins

Season 4

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About this Episode

Tina and Hillary cover former Trenton Mayor Tony Mack.

Trenton Mayor Tony Mack was once a rising political star, BUT his promising career was cut short when he was arrested on corruption charges.

Tina's Story
Ex-Trenton Mayor Tony Mack reports to prison

BBC News
Trenton Mayor Tony Mack removed from office

CBS News
N.J. Mayor Tony Mack arrested in corruption probe

FBI (Newark)
Trenton Mayor Sentenced to 58 Months in Prison on Federal Extortion, Bribery, and Mail and Wire Fraud Charges

NBC News 4
FBI Arrests Trenton Mayor, Others in Corruption Probe--by Jonathan Dienst, Shimon Prokupecz, and Joe Valiquette

New Jersey Times
A year of turmoil, stumbles for Trenton's mayor
Mack wins, water fails--by Meir Rinde
Trenton Mayor Tony Mack is arrested by FBI on corruption charge--by Alex Zdan

The New York Times
Trenton Mayor and Two Others Are Charged in Bribery Case--by Kate Zernike

Trenton mayor Tony Mack arrested on conspiracy charges, taking bribes
Trenton Mayor Tony Mack convicted of corruption--by Phil Gregory

Tony F. Mack

The World
Tony Mack, New Jersey mayor, arrested by FBI in corruption probe--by Talia Ralph

Tony Mack--by City of Trenton via Fox 8 News
US Attorney Phil Fishman at Press Conference--screenshot from NJ Spotlight News via YouTube
Tony Mack at Press Conference--screenshot from NJ Spotlight News via YouTube

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