Episode 3: Like Evil Idiots | Louis "Bill" Conradt, Jr. and David Cimperman


January 15th, 2020

1 hr 13 mins 3 secs

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About this Episode

Hillary and Tina cover former Rockland County Texas, Assistant District Attorney Louis “Bill” Conradt, Jr and former Amsterdam, Ohio police chief, David Cimperman.

Hillary's Story
Colombia Journalism Review
"The Shame Game: 'To Catch a Predator' is propping up NBC’s Dateline, but at what cost?"--Douglas McCollam

Esquire Magazine
"Tonight on Dateline This Man Will Die"--Luke Dittrich

"Ethics of NBC's Sting Show 'To Catch a Predator'"--Talk of the Nation

"Louis Conradt"
"To Catch a Predator"

Esquire Magazine
Arrest Warrant
Hansen and Chief Myrick
Louis Bill Conradt, Jr.

Tina's Story
CBS News
“How an officer fired twice from one police department became chief of another”--CBS Interactive Inc.

Cornell Law School--Legal Information Institute
Wiretap Code

New Philadelphia City Council
December 23, 2002 (re: Cimperman suing city again)
January 13, 2003 Meeting Minutes (re: Cimperman reinstatement)

New Philadelphia Municipal Court
Schedule of Fines

Ohio Times Reporter
“Dave Cimperman, ex-New Philadelphia police officer, featured in USA Today probe” --Jon Baker

USA Today
“Fired for a felony, again for perjury. Meet the new police chief”--James Pilcher, Aaron Hegarty, Eric Litke and Mark Nichols, USA TODAY Network

Amsterdam, Ohio

“America Knows How To Handle Bad Cops: Make Them Police Chief!”--Doktor Zoom

USA Today--article above
Cimperman Headshot and Cimperman Vehicle

New Philadelphia Reporter--article above
Cimperman Photo New Philadelpia Police Force and Cimperman Vehicle in Garage

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