Episode 29: Convict No. 9653

Hillary and Tina cover the current Texas Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen and former Indiana Senator Eugene V. Debs.

Hillary’s Story
In 1993, while in college, Bonnen was elected to the Texas House of Representatives for the 25th District holding that seat for the next 14 elections, and in 2019 got elected as Speaker of the House. But, when allegations of bribery arise, Bonnen found himself in the middle of a criminal investigation.

Tina’s Story
Activist, socialist, and trade unionist, Eugene V. Debs fought fiercely for labour regulations. But, when he railed against the US’s role in WW1 and urged citizens to refuse the draft, he landed in prison, which became the headquarters for his next campaign.

Hillary's Sources
Dennis Bonnen
Empower Texans
Texas House of Representatives
Dustin Burrows

The Dallas Morning News
Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen says he ‘screwed up badly’ in scandal that forced him out--by James Barragan

Texas Monthly
The Speaker and the Creeper: Everything You Need to Know About the Craziest Texas Political Scandal in Years--by Christopher Hooks

Texas Face Off: Audio of Speaker Dennis Bonnen's secret meeting is out--via KVUE

Just Facts--Vote Smart
Dennis Bonnen's Voting Records

The Houston Chronicle
Amid controversy, Rep. Dustin Burrows resigns as Texas House GOP Caucus chair--by Taylor Goldenstein

District 83 Representative Dustin Burrows announces bid for 2020 re-election--by Brad Burt

The Texas Tribune
Texas House committee adopts report saying Dennis Bonnen "likely violated" law in meeting with hardline activist, closes investigation--by Cassandra Pollock

Houston Chronicle
House Speaker Dennis Bonnen won’t face criminal charges in bribery probe--by Andrea Zelinski

Michale Quinn Sullivan--by Dallas Morning News Staff via the Dallas Morning News
Dustin Burrows--via The Texas Tribune
Dennis Bonnen--by Marjorie Kamys via The Texas Tribune

Tina's Sources
Eugene V. Debs

Eugene V. Debs

Eugene V. Debs

New Yorker
Eugene V. Debs and the Endurance of Socialism--by Jill Lapore

Encyclopedia Britannica
Eugene V Debs

Eugene Debs

Washington Post
The socialist who ran for president from prison — and won nearly a million votes--by Terence McArdle

The Wall Street Journal
The Second Coming of Eugene V. Debs--by Jason L Riley

Atlas Obscura
Railyards Were Once So Dangerous They Needed Their Own Railway Surgeons--by Sarah Laskow

The Sedition Act of 1918

Eugene Debs Speaking in Canton Ohio, 1918--from the Public Domain via Wikimedia
Eugene V Debs Mugshot--from The National Archives via The Washington Post
Convict No 9653 for President Button via The Progressive
Eugene Debs Released from Prison Dec 25, 1921--from The Library of Congress via The Nation