Episode 38: Larceny in my Blood

Tina and Hillary cover the first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton and the Abscam Sting Operation.

Tina’s Story
Alexander Hamilton is one of the Founding Fathers, who worked as a banker and lawyer, fought in the military, and served as a politician. But, when confronted with evidence of an affair, Hamilton’s political aspirations become compromised.

Hillary’s Story
Con man and swindler Melvin Weinberg was always looking for the next racket, but when the FBI finally catches up with him, he makes a deal to help with one of the most unprecedented political stings in US history.

Tina's Story
Alexander Hamilton
Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton
Hamilton-Reynolds Affair

Founders Online
The Reynolds Pamphlet, 1797

The Scandal That Ruined Alexander Hamilton’s Chances of Becoming President--by Sarah Pruitt

The Reynolds Pamphlet, explained: Why Alexander Hamilton printed his sex scandal's details--by Andrew Prokop

Smithsonian Magazine
Alexander Hamilton’s Adultery and Apology--by Angela Serratore

All That’s Interesting
Meet Maria Reynolds, The Woman Behind The Nation’s First Political Sex Scandal--by All That's Interesting

American Heritage
The Notorious Affair Of Mrs. Reynolds--by Robert C. Alberts

History 101
An American scandal: The story of Maria Reynolds and Alexander Hamilton--by Aleyna Jones

Journal of the American Revolution

Review of Eliza Hamilton: The Extraordinary Life and Times of the Wife of Alexander Hamilton--by Jason Park

North State Journal
HILL: Top 10 people who wanted to kill Alexander Hamilton before Aaron Burr got to him--by Frank Hill

The story of Manhattan's first major murder mystery, starring Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr--by Dave Matthews

Harper’s Bazaar
The story of Manhattan's first major murder mystery, starring Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr--by Lauren Puckett

New York Times (Books)
Scandalmonger, Prologue--By WILLIAM SAFIRE

Mental Floss
Here's What Happened to 15 Key Players in Hamilton After the Duel--BY ERIK SASS

Alexander Hamilton by John Trumbell via the Public Domain
Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton via the Public Domain
First Page of Love Letter from Hamilton to Eliza--Courtesy Mark Cheshire via Smithsonian Magazine

Hillary's Story
Mel Weinberg
Evelyn Knight


The real ‘American Hustle’: Abscam and its lasting impact on New Jersey--By Nora O'Dowd

The Daily Beast
The Real Story and Lesson of the Abscam Sting in ‘American Hustle’--by Jimmy So

Washington Post
Ex-congressman from Abscam scandal faces new vote-buying charges--by Devlin Barrett

Rolling Stone
Top Ten Political Scandals

Abscam Undercover Video--from AP via Rolling Stone
FBI Agent posing as Sheik--from AP via WHYY
Melvin Weinberg--via The Pittsburgh Post Gazette