Episode 56: High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Tina and Hillary cover former Secretary of War, William W. Belknap and current Broward County Clerk of Courts, Brenda Forman.

Tina’s Story
In 1869, then President Ulysses S. Grant appointed Belknap to Secretary of War after his leadership of the 11th and 15th volunteer infantry during several battles of the Civil War, but, when rumors surfaced that Belknap received kickbacks for traderships at US Military forts, he trades in his once respected reputation for a tarnished legacy.

Hillary’s Story
In 2016, Brenda Forman was elected to the Clerk of Courts after working for the clerk’s office for several years, but her own record is called into question when she faces one controversy after the next.

Tina's Story
UVA Miller Center
WILLIAM W. BELKNAP (1869–1876)

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The Impeachment and Trial of William W. Belknap

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War Secretary's Impeachment Trial

William W. Belknap
Trader Post Scandal
Second Battle of Corinth

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William W. Belknap: shell game--by Dirk Langeveld

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Congress impeached and tried my ancestor after he left office. Trump could be next.--by Andra Belknap

Senate holds former war secretary’s impeachment trial, May 4, 1876--By ANDREW GLASS

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Battle of Shiloh

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Apr 7, 1862 CE: Battle of Shiloh

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Why Trump Can Be Convicted Even as an Ex-President--by Stephen Vladeck

William W. Belknap--by Library of Congress via Public Domain
Battle of Shiloh--Restoration by Adam Cuerden via Public Domain
Fort Sill--by Pi3.124 (CC BY SA 3.0)

Hillary's Story
Sun Sentinel
Public defender says his office is shortchanged on fee collections--By RAFAEL OLMEDA
Broward clerk faces rivals’ attacks now that she won’t face criminal charges--By RAFAEL OLMEDA
Former courts clerk Howard Forman accuses estranged wife of frivolous incompetency claim--By RAFAEL OLMEDA
Broward clerk acted in bad faith when she challenged her husband's mental capacity, judge rules--By RAFAEL OLMEDA
Forman vs. Forman: First they divorced, now they’re running against each other for top county position--By LARRY BARSZEWSKI and RAFAEL OLMEDA
Howard Forman showed signs of dementia as marriage crumbled, wife testifies--By RAFAEL OLMEDA
Broward clerk of courts lashes out in Facebook video--By MARIO ARIZA
Politician loses fight to get guardianship over her husband and his money--By MEGAN O'MATZ

Floridian Press
Democrat Brenda Forman posts fake Adolf Hitler quote to social media--by Javier Manjarres

Broward Beat
Divorce Shocker! Broward Clerk Brenda Forman Wants Cut of Husband’s $800K And $10K Monthly Pension--BY BUDDY NEVINS

Flagler Live
A Clerk of Court Takes a Case to the Supreme Court (It’s Not Tom Bexley)

Miami Herald
His ex-wife said he was incompetent. Now, he wants voters to fire her and elect him.--by David Smiley

Debbie Wasserman Schultz House of Representatives
Broward Congress Members' Joint Statement on Clerk of Court’s Insensitive Social Media Post

Law Office of Cheryl Bucker
Personal and political stakes high in Broward County divorce

Local 10 News
Broward courts clerk Brenda Forman posts rambling Facebook video taking aim at political rivals
Local 10 interview with Brenda Forman, via YouTube

Brenda D. Forman Clerk
Overview of the Clerk's Office

Brenda and Howard Forman--from handout via The Sun Sentinel
Brenda Forman speaking at Clerk of Courts Forum--by John McCall via Sun Sentinel