Episode 57: Super Secret Boyfriend

Hillary and Tina cover the disappearance of retired FBI agent and CIA operative Robert Levinson and former County Executive of Essex County, New Jersey, James Treffinger.

Hillary’s Story
In 2007, retired FBI Agent Robert Levinson went to the Middle East as a private investigator to look into cigarette smuggling. But, when he goes missing, the US launches an investigation and discovers an unauthorized undercover mission that may have led to his detainment.

Hillary's Story
New York Times
Ex-F.B.I. Agent Who Vanished on C.I.A. Mission to Iran Is Most Likely Dead, U.S. Concludes--by Adam Goldman

FBI Website
Seeking Missing Retired FBI Agent Robert Levinson

Ted Deutch Website
Press Release: Rep. Deutch Marks Bob Levinson's 13th Year in Captivity

CNN World
Robert Levinson Fast Facts
Reports: American who went missing in Iran worked for CIA--by
Susan Candiotti and Catherine E. Shoichet

CNN Politics
US identifies and sanctions two Iranian intelligence officers for abduction and 'probable death' of Bob Levinson--By Jennifer Hansler

Disappearance of Robert Levinson

Business Insider
American Missing Nearly 7 Years In Iran Was On An Unapproved CIA Mission--by Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman

Robert Levinson Hostage Photo--Levinson family via AP (accessed from NBC News)

Christine Levinson--via the Levinson Family (accessed from ABC News)

Robert Levinson Hostage Photo--Levinson family via AP

Tina’s Story
In 1994, James Treffinger earned his position as County Executive after years of public service. But, when the FBI raids his office, Treffinger faces years in prison.

Tina's Story
North Jersey
NJ must replace 'freeholder' term rooted in structural racism, Murphy says--by Dustin Racioppi

New York Times
IN PERSON; County Government Gets a Personal Trainer--by Andy Newman
A Dark Horse in a Field of Republican Obscurity--by Maria Newman
Former Essex County Official Sentenced in Corruption Case--by Ronald Smothers
U.S. Charges Essex Leader With Extortion--By Laura Mansnerus
Treffinger Pleads Guilty To Corruption--By Ronald Smothers
Candidate For Senate Is Hit by Raid--By Ronald Smothers

New Jersey Globe
FBI raids Treffinger's office--by BRIAN P. MURPHY

My Plainview
Ex-N.J. County Chief Guilty in Fraud Case--by JEFFREY GOLD

SUPREME COURT OF NEW JERSEY Disciplinary Review Board

Los Angeles Times
Ex-Official Pleads Guilty in New Jersey Fraud Case--By JOSH GETLIN

My Central Jersey
EXCLUSIVE: Crooks with state pensions--by Andrew Ford

New Jersey Spotlight News
The List: A Rogues Gallery of the 15 Most Corrupt Politicians in NJ History--by COLLEEN O'DEA

New Jersey Hills
Treffinger is charged with fraud

Showbiz Cheat Sheet
Why ‘The Sopranos’ Had to Shoot ‘Pine Barrens’ Outside of New Jersey--by Eric Schaal

ABA Journal
Crusading N.J. Prosecutor Accused of Bullying Tactics, Cronyism--BY DEBRA CASSENS WEISS

Midland Daily News
Ex-N.J. County Chief Guilty in Fraud Case--by JEFFREY GOLD

Federal Election Commission
Advisory Opinion

US Department of Justice
Advisory Opinion Request

Plan Sponsor
Former Garden State Exec Gets Pension Slashed--by FRED SCHNEYER

Insider New Jersey
Jim Treffinger: Power, Prison, Pulpit And Redemption--By Tom Barrett

Federal Elections Commission
Treffinger and Others to Pay $171,000 Civil Penalty for Excessive Contributions

James Treffinger as US Senate Candidate--via CSPAN program on New Jersey Republican Issues (screenshot)
Pastor James Treffinger during Easter 2020 Service--from Brookdale Christian Church via YouTube
Chris Christie defending arrest of James Treffinger--from Chris Christie YouTube