Episode 70: Lose a Job, Gain a Husband

Tina and Hillary cover former Pennsylvania State Senator Henry “Buddy” Cianfrani and former US House Representative Gary Condit.

Tina’s Story
Henry J. Buddy Cianfrani began his political career after winning a seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 1963 and became a State Senator in 1966. But, when Buddy pads the payroll with his buddies, he places his career in jeopardy.

Hillary’s Story
US House Representative Gary Condit, served on the House Intelligence Committee and ran unopposed for years. But, when his intern and lover Chandra Levy goes missing, his political career is jeopardized.

Tina's Story
Henry Cianfrani

Washington Post
Once-Powerful Pa. Politician Is Expected to Plead Guilty--by Ray Holton

The Philadelphia Citizen
Henry J. “Buddy” Cianfrani

Case Text
United States v. Camiel

Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Department of Justice
Annual Report, 1977 (page 5)
Annual Report, 1978 (page 6)

Joint State Government Commission
Uniform Criminal Statistics

LA Times
‘Buddy’ Cianfrani, 79; Pennsylvania Senator Served Prison Term

Justia US Law
Com. of Pa. v. Cianfrani, 600 F. Supp. 1364 (E.D. Pa. 1985)

New York Times
Henry J. CIanfrani 79, Fixture in South Philadelphia Politics--by Associated Press
Ex-Pennsylvania Senator to Plead Guilty in Fraud
Brennan Rejects Bid to Withhold Legislative Data from Grand Jury
Nervous Exhaustion Hospitalizes Indicted Pennsylvania Senator
Convicted Pennsylvanian Official Wins $10,925-a-Year State Pension
Reporter Linked to a Senator’s Gifts
Pennsylvania Senators Bar Ouster of Indicted Head of Committee
An Ex-Pennsylvania Official Gets a Parole after Nearly 27 Months
Around the Nation, September 24, 1977
Around the Nation, December 28, 1977

PA State Senator Henry J Cianfrani--via Pennsylvania State Senate
Cianfrani Chats with Constituents, May 1991--Screenshot of Philadelphia Inquirer article

Hillary's Story
Gary Condit
Chandra Levy

The Washington Post
The recording that undid the Chandra Levy murder case--by Scott Higham, Keith L. Alexander, and Ben St. Clair

New York Times
Charges Dropped Against Man Accused of Killing Chandra Levy--by Richard Perez-Pena
Guilty Verdict in Chandra Levy Murder Case--by Sabrina Tavernise
Chandra Levy's Killer Sentenced to 60 Years--by Sabrina Tavernise

USA Today
Deportation closes another chapter in sensational Chandra Levy mystery--by John Bacon

Lawyer: Condit not a subject or target in Levy murder probe--by Josh Gerstein
Feds drop charges against man convicted of killing Chandra Levy--by Josh Gerstein
Key Levy witness may be discredited--by Associated Press

Chandra Levy: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know--by S.M. Walsh

Chicago Tribune
Condit from Success to Scandal

Gary Condit Wrote A Book About His Side Of The Chandra Levy Case--by Dana Getz

Gary Condit--by Mike Theiler/Getty via Bustle
Chandra Levy Senior Portrait--distributed by Metropolitan Police Dept. of DC
Rock Creek Park--by Andrew Watanik via Live and Let Hike