Episode 82: #TeamWets

Tina and Hillary cover when the US Government poisoned its citizens and former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.

Tina’s Story
The 18th Amendment prohibited the production, sale, transportation, and use of alcohol in the United States beginning in 1918. BUT, when bootleggers and rum runners abound, the government tries a new tactic to control the hooch.

Hillary’s Story
Teacher turned politician Dennis Hastert moved up the political ladder to become Speaker of the House. BUT, when he tries to hide past misconduct, he learns that the truth always comes out.

Tina's Story
Prohibition in the United States

The US government once poisoned alcohol to get people to stop drinking--By German Lopez

USA Today
Fact check: It's true, U.S. government poisoned some alcohol during Prohibition--by Matthew Brown

The Chemist’s War--by Deborah Plum

The Prisoner’s Handbook--by Deborah Plum

Smithsonian Channel
Why This Woman Destroyed Bars...Using a Hatchet--from Crime and Prohibition S1 E1

Alcohol Problems and Solutions
Deaths During Prohibition: Government Poisoned Alcohol to Stop Drinking

The History of Poisoned Alcohol Includes an Unlikely Culprit: The U.S. Government--by Lily Rothman
Prohibition: New Sponge

The U.S. Government Intentionally Poisoned Alcohol During the Prohibition--by Sabana Grande

History Daily
When The U.S. Government Poisoned The Alcohol Supply During Prohibition

The U.S. Government Poisoned 10,000 Americans During Prohibition

The Saturday Evening Post
Would the Government Deliberately Poison 10,000 Prohibition Violators?--by Jeff Nilsson

The Daily Beast
How the U.S. Government Enforced Prohibition by Poisoning Americans--by Allison McNearney

10,000 People Died Because The Government Poisoned Alcohol During Prohibition--By Katie Serena

Curious Historian
How the US Government Poisoned Hooch During Prohibition

The Darker Side of Prohibition--by Tara Isabella Burton

100 years since Prohibition: 5 things you may not know about the ‘Noble Experiment’--Adrianna Rodriguez and Suzanne Nuyen

What Prohibition teaches us about race relations in the U.S.--by Christine Sismondo

Best Life
25 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be True--by Alex Daniel

247 Wall Street
These 9 States Still Have Dry Counties--by Evan Comen

Ohio State University
Temperance and Prohibition

Ohio History Connection
Saloon-Keepers’ Rebellion

Removal of liquor during Prohibition--from the United States Library via Public Domain
Americans celebrating the end of Prohibition in 1933--from The New York Times via Public Domain
A Prohibition-Era prescription for liquor --from the United States Government via Public Domain

Hillary's Story
A man two heartbeats away from the presidency was a serial child molester--By Dylan Matthews

Dennis Hastert Fast Facts

New York Times
Dennis Hastert, Ex-House Speaker Who Admitted Sex Abuse, Leaves Prison--by Liam Stack

Chicago Tribune
Timeline: Key events in the rise and fall of former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert

Dennis Hastert

USA Today
Ex-speaker Dennis Hastert released from federal prison--by Aamer Madhani

Dennis Hastert--from United States Congress via Public Domain
Hastert as the SOTU (top right)--from US Government via Public Domain
Hastert in court--by Charles Rex (AP) via The New York Times