Episode 83: Hold My Beer

Hillary and Tina cover the Bonus Army and the 1904 Colorado Election Scandal.

Hillary’s Story
Up through the Great Depression, the US Government provided service certificates for military veterans who served in war. BUT, when the money stopped, the Bonus Army headed to DC to demand payment and what happens is shocking.

Tina’s Story
Governor James Peabody served during a tumultuous time in Colorado history and had a contentious relationship with the working class. BUT, when the incumbent governor loses, cries of election fraud add fuel to the fire.

Hillary's Story
NPR Radio Diaries
The Bonus Army: How a Protest Led to the GI Bill--by All Things Considered

Bonus Marchers evicted by U.S. Army

Zinn Education Project
July 28, 1932: Bonus Army Attacked

Bonus Army

US Capitol
Bonus Army Conflict Image

The Washington Post
The verterans were desperate Gen. MacArthur ordered US troops to attack them.

Bonus Army expelled, July 28, 1932

ABA Journal
July 28, 1932: US Army disperses bonus marchers

National Park Service
The 1932 Bonus Army

Bonus Army: United States History

US History
The Great Depression: The Bonus March

National Archives
Document from July 28th, 1932

Cops at Campsite--by Signal Corps Photographer via Public Domain
Campsite on Fire--by Signal Corps Photographer via Public Domain

Tina's Story
Google Books
Pioneers & Politicians: Colorado Governors in Profile--By Richard D. Lamm, Duane A. Smith

National Governors Association
Gov. James Hamilton Peabody

Colorado Archives
Colorado Governors: James H. Peabody

Biography of James H. Peabody--by James O. Chipman
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1904: The Most Corrupt Election in Colorado History

Alva Adams (governor)
James Hamilton Peabody

Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection
Election Fraud--from The Whitehorn News

Colorado LegiSource
Verifiable Oddities in Colorado’s History: The Day Colorado Had 3 Governors--by Ashley Zimmerman

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Alva Adams to the People of Colorado Before Departing Denver--by JayRaye for Hellraisers Journal

Canon City Daily Record
James H. Peabody: A polarizing figure--by Ed Norden

Alva Adams--via Public Domain
James Hamiliton Peabody--from C P Connolly via Public Domain
1904 Election Cartoon--printed by the Denver Post in 1904