Episode 99: Party Pooper

Hillary and Tina cover the FBI’s harassment of Jean Seberg and the murder of Albert Patterson.

Hillary’s Story
Actress Jean Seberg was on the verge of becoming one of Hollywood’s leading ladies. BUT, when she provides financial support to several civil rights organizations, the FBI sets on a years-long crusade to destroy her reputation.

Tina’s Story
In 1954, former Alabama Senator Patterson ran for Attorney General. BUT, when he vowed to rid the city of illegal activity, his life was put in jeopardy.

Hillary's Story
PBS News Hour
How actress Jean Seberg became a target of the FBI--by Jeffrey Brown

The New York Times
Jean Seberg Found Dead in Paris; Actress Was Missing for 10 Days


The Tragic True Story Behind The FBI’s Takedown Of Movie Star Jean Seberg--by ANNE COHEN

Des Moines Register
Jean Seberg: Iowa actress robbed of Cinderella story by FBI harassment--by Daniel P. Finney

Jean Seberg--via Medium
FBI Memo--via Genius

Tina's Story
The Malefactor's Register
The Fall and Rise of Phenix City--via Mark Gribben

Montgomery Advertiser
John Patterson, Alabama governor during Freedom Rides, dies at 99--by Brian Lyman

Former Alabama Gov. John Patterson dies at 99

Citizen of East Alabama
Statue dedication: Family attends ceremony to honor Albert L. Patterson--by Toni Stauffer

The New York Times
John M. Patterson, Segregationist Alabama Governor, Dies at 99--by Robert D. McFadden

Chatt Voice
Phenix City Unveils Albert Patterson Statue Near Downtown

The South Alabamian
Albert Patterson assassinated 55 years ago in Phenix City, ‘the wickedest city in America’

Albert Patterson
Si Garrett

Political Notes: The Attorney General

The South Alabamian
Phenix City’s problems weren’t all slot machines--by Bob Martin

Encylopedia of Alabama
Albert L. Patterson--by Alan Grady

Columbus State University Archives
Albert Patterson FBI File

Ninth Article
Sin City, Alabama Was Becoming Less Sinful in 1954

Our Campaigns
Patterson, Albert L.

Albert Patterson--from Alan Grady via Encyclopedia of Alabama
Chief Deputy Albert Fuller (left) at scene of Patterson’s murder--via Abbeville Institute Press)
Scene of Patterson’s Murder--from Alabama Department of Archives and History via Encyclopedia of Alabama)