Episode 116: Eat a Dick | Violence Against Female Politicians and Fragging during Vietnam


March 23rd, 2022

1 hr 18 mins 43 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

Tina and Hillary cover violence against female politicians and fragging during the Vietnam War.

Tina’s Story
Women have been making strides in the political arena. BUT once elected, they often face threats and violence often as an attempt to silence their voices.

Hillary’s Story
The Vietnam War saw a massive amount of casualties. BUT things take a darker turn when soldiers attack and kill one another.

Tina's Story
Ilhan Omar reveals death threat in wake of Islamophobic comments

Business Insider
Rep. Rashida Tlaib tearfully shared her account of the Capitol riots, recalling her trauma of the death threats she's received--by Erin Snodgrass

Center for Strategic & International Studies
Against The Odds: Overcoming Online Harassment of Women in Politics

H. Res. 1151 Recognizing violence against women in politics as a global phenomenon and supporting women's full and meaningful participation in political life.--by Rep. Rashida Talib

The Conversation
How sexist abuse of women in Congress amounts to political violence – and undermines American democracy--by Mona Lena Krook

National Democratic Institute

The New York Times
For Female Candidates, Harassment and Threats Come Every Day--by Maggie Astor

7 takeaways from NewsHour’s investigation into harassment Black women in politics face--by Lizz Bolaji and Chole Jones
For Black women in government, highlighting threats and abuse can make it worse--by Anna Nawaz and Candice Norwood

Refinery 29
It’s Not Surprising AOC Gets Death Threats — But It’s Worse Than Anyone Could Imagine--by SARAH MIDKIFF

Violence against Women in Politics a Growing Problem

Voice of San Diego
Women Politicians Across the County Say They’ve Faced Harassment, Threats--by Kayla Jimenez

U Mass Amherst: School of Public Policy
Recent Alum Publishes Paper on Harassment of Female Politicians

The Squad--screenshot from CNN's The Point with Chris Cillizza
Rep. Attica Scott--via Kentucky General Assembly
We Have Her Back Campaign--from Time's Up Now

Hillary's Story
All That's Interesting
Fragging: When Soldiers In Vietnam Revolted Against Their Officers By Murdering Them With Grenades--By Gina Dimuro

Vietnam War


History: This Day in History
April 20, 1971: "Fragging" on the rise among US military units

History Net
The Hard Truth about Fragging--by Peter Brush

Huffington Post
The Forgotten History Of 'Fragging' In Vietnam--by Hamilton Gregory

NBC News
Lawyer: Army rushed judgment in fragging case--from The Associated Press

The New Yorker
What Went Wrong in Vietnam--by Louis Menand

Simple History via YouTube
What was 'Fragging'? (The Vietnam War)


US Soldiers in Vietnam--from National Archives/AFP/Getty Images via All That's Interesting
M26 Grenade--from US Air Force via Public Domain

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