Episode 117: Dead Daddy's Money | Martha Mitchell and James Henry Hammond


March 30th, 2022

1 hr 19 mins 50 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

Hillary and Tina cover Martha Mitchell and governor turned senator James Henry Hammond.

Hillary’s Story
Martha Mitchell made a name for herself in Washington, DC by spilling political secrets. BUT when she discovers a Watergate connection to her husband, he tries to silence her.

Tina’s Story
James Henry Hammond was an awful pro-slavery politician steeped in controversy. BUT when his diary is published nearly 100 years after his death, it adds even more shame to his already shameful legacy.

Hillary's Story
All That's Interesting
Martha Mitchell: The Woman Nobody Believed About Watergate

Martha Mitchell speaks out about Nixon, Watergate

Mitchell, Martha (1918-1976)

The New York Times
Martha Mitchell Testifies in Civil Suit--by Charlotte Curtis

A Martha Mitchell Biography Raps John, but Confirms That She Loved Him Until She Died--By Martha Smilgis

This woman was held hostage and drugged because she knew too much about Watergate

The Washington Post
'I'm a political prisoner': Mouthy Martha Mitchell was the George Conway of the Nixon era

Martha Mitchell

Martha Mitchell--from US National Archives via Public Domain
Martha and John Mitchell--from AP via Politico
“Martha was Right” Flower Arrangement--via Necessary Storms

Tina's Story
Elisa Rolle: Queer Places
James Henry Hammond

Google Arts & Culture
James Henry Hammond

James Henry Hammond, Pro-Slavery Paedophile Politician--by Ciaran Conliffe

History, Art & Archives
Representative James Henry Hammond of South Carolina

House Divided
In Washington D.C., the second South Carolina senator, James Henry Hammond, resigns his seat

Learning for Justice
Sen. James Henry Hammond On the Admission of Kansas, Under the Lecompton Constitution Speech Before the United States Senate / Cotton is King--by James Henry Hammond

Library of Congress
James Henry Hammond papers

Moultrie News
Laying bare the Hammond-Hampton feud--by Tom Horton

National Park Service
James Henry Hammond

The New York Times
Monster of All He Survived--by Rosellen Brown

South Carolina
James Henry Hammond

South Carolina Encyclopedia
Hammond, James Henry

University North Carolina: The Southern Historical Collection
Collection Title: James Henry Hammond Letters, 1831-1845.

Hammond School
James Henry Hammond

James Henry Hammond--via Public Domain
Catherine Fitzimmons--via Headstuff
Thomas J. Withers--via Elisa Rolle's Queer Places Website
The Hammond School in 1966--via Public Domain

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